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Chemical Tanker Fleet Listings

In these very challenging times owner/operators need accurate and up to date information on their competition, who has commercial control of vessels (As well as the owners), what changes have taken place on a monthly basis, full details at the click of the mouse on each vessel and new building, recent changes of ownership as well as commercial control, and a clearer picture of which vessels are in which "pools" and as far as possible latest sales and purchases as well as time charters

We produce and update on a monthly basis the World’s most complete and uniquely comprehensive Chemical Tanker Fleet listings, presented in a simple to use excel format for ease of use as an analytical and/or ready reference tool. The listing includes every ship between 1,000 and 100,000 dwt that has IMO Class

Our clients include over 75% of the World’s major Operators who control over 750 of the ships and almost 15 million tons deadweight, as well as Shipbrokers, Banks and Charterers.

A sample of the fleet list is attached with just a couple of ships from each letter of the alphabet. The 1st November 2010 edition comprises 3,952 ships listed in the existing ships, over 500 new buildings, and 457 recent scrappings, and deletions since January 2004

An explanation worksheet is embedded in the fleet list sample

We also include an additional worksheet giving a sample analysis that can be quickly produced by filtering and sorting the monthly excel. There really is no limit to its use as an analytical tool to determine specific types, coatings, trades, operators, etc.

The analysis example on this page is not up to date as the situation changes on a monthly basis

A sample of the fleet list can also be downloaded from our web site here or as well as other samples of what we can provide in terms of market analysis

A sample of the fleet list can be downloaded here:

All chemical tankers – across each letter of the alphabet (167 KB Excel Document)