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Providing accurate market information and comprehensive analytical tools to develop a market view brings success in the chemical and oils and fats (vegoil) tanker industry.

How do you become a first class consultant to the chemical and oils and fats (vegoil) tanker trade?

You can endeavour to supply the client with market analysis and commercial information you either had or would have loved to have when you held a position of similar responsibility.

Providing accurate market information for the chemical tanker industry

So we concentrate on just that in order to help clients deal with complex market and regulatory changes and deliver bespoke consultancy services to the client’s specific requirements.

Many companies are faced with the dilemma that those with the knowledge don’t have the time for proper analysis, whilst those with the time lack the necessary knowledge and experience leaving them with half-baked solutions or conclusions full of errors and omissions. We pride ourselves in ensuring that never happens.

We provide both in our approach to business development

With a combined 30 years of sailing and senior management experience in the chemical and oils and fats (vegoil) tanker trade, including 15 years as independent consultants, market analysts, London and New York Arbitration and Expert Witness experience, we pride ourselves on delivering to mutually agreed objectives, and/or supplying the correct analytical tools to suit clients requirements

We can help you define the scope and objectives of your project, to deliver a well-documented solution including full details of analysis to fall back on – "smoke and mirrors".

.... providing clear opportunities